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Cunningham's Corner

A State of Affairs
Douglas Cunningham

Letters to the editor are welcome; please limit to 500 words or less and email by 9 am Monday. Letters to the editor are welcome; please limit to 500 words or less and email by 9 am Monday. We report this week, elsewhere in this issue, of an 18-year-old walking in Brewster with his girlfriend, when he is set upon by two other youths, 16 and 17 years old, beaten severely and his backpack is stolen. In broad daylight!

There may be, I grant, more to the story, especially whether these three had any previous acquaintance. But it’s hard to square. Mighty hard. Even more alarming is the story on this page, in which a 30-year-old fellow is attacked by two others, aged 16 and 20, and stabbed. Also in Brewster. The attackers got $3. Three bucks. Something is deeply wrong here.


Fortunately, Putnam County commuters are somewhat exempt from the “Summer of Hell” being endured by riders of New Jersey Transit and the Long Island Railroad. But make no mistake, save for those who work near Grand Central or are willing to walk a good piece, the subways are still in grave need of urgent improvements.

From a Tweet a few days ago: “Trudeau to speak directly to US governors, bypassing Trump.” Which prompted one New Yorker to Tweet, “Maybe he can get Cuomo to fix the subways?”

Indeed. Fix the Subways, often in all caps, is now a common reply to any Tweet involving the governor. In case his attention flags, you see. Just reinforcing that this is truly a make-or-break issue. If he wants to run for president, which the smart money says he does.


Summer, which seemed to stretch so far out into the horizon mere weeks ago, now is rapidly receding. Despite steady work, not only have I not yet finished the “things to do” list that kicked off the summer, we have now added more tasks to it. Alas.

Here are a couple of can’t miss suggestions for your summer: 1, Check out a concert at Arts on the Lake. Beautiful night, great music, the lake nearby. More info here: http://www.artsonthelake.org/. 2, Take in a play at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, at Boscobel. If you go, you MUST arrive early and bring a picnic. A simple picnic, perhaps – cheese, wine, dry sausage – but nonetheless, a picnic. More info here: https://hvshakespeare.org/.

Douglas Cunningham is editor and publisher. Reach him at editor@pcnr.com.

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